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IP Transit

What is IP Transit?

IP Transit is also known as Internet Connectivity, Direct Internet Access, or Bandwidth. This gives you high speed access to the global Internet via Burstfire.

IP Transit Features and Benefits

The Burstfire network has been designed for the lowest latencies, fewest hops, reliability and stable round trip times.

Burstfire offer a Multihomed IP-transit service providing the best route selection for your destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance. We provide a carrier-grade service to telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP), content players, and other users demanding high-quality performance.

If you are looking for robust IP Transit services that provide speed, rock-solid dependability, flexibility and route efficiency through our pure IP fiber backbone, that we can provide with an IP address allocation or as a BGP feed.

As Burstfire designs solutions to stay ahead of bandwidth requirements resulting from the projected growth in global IP traffic, we are ready to meet your current capacity needs and grow with your business as traffic increases by offering low latency connectivity that scales.

IP Transit offers guaranteed performance levels in critical areas such as throughput, packet loss and latency with 100% availability. This is supported with industry leading SLA’s.

With flat monthly rates as well as burstable usage (95th percentile) and volume-based billing structures available in order to fit your requirements.

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