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Dedicated Private Cloud

What is a Dedicated Private Cloud?

A dedicated private cloud is your cloud, but it is operated and maintained by an off-site third-party provider. The provider supplies all of the computer resources, carved out from their data centers so those resources are dedicated exclusively for your use but segmented from multi-tenant portions of their environment.

Will a Dedicated Private Cloud suit your business?

Almost anything that will work in a self-run or co-location private cloud is a candidate for a dedicated private cloud, such as:

  • Customised line-of-business applications
  • Data and applications with high security and compliance requirements
  • Cloud initiatives where you have recently made large on-premise investments
  • Workloads that require a high degree of control
  • Mission-critical workloads
Cost Driver

With a dedicated private cloud, the provider owns the infrastructure, and you are paying to consume that infrastructure as a service. Capital expenditures on hardware are largely replaced by operational expenditures on that service, creating potential economic advantage. There still may be software-related capital expense that you’ll have to layer onto the infrastructure environment, depending on your application stack.


The infrastructure is dedicated to your deployment so you are able to establish your own security and compliance standards as well as enforce and measure them.


Burstfire specialise in supporting stringent uptime standards. Resilience is one of the main reasons why organizations consider an off-premise solution like a dedicated private cloud versus maintaining their own data center.


In a dedicated private cloud the hardware is not your own but the environment is partitioned for your exclusive use. There are potential limitations because your target architecture has to work in the provider’s environment.


If you need to rapidly expand your capacity beyond current levels, it will require provisioning the additional resources required from the provider. In addition, you will be committing to your maximum required capacity. Most providers are adept at rapidly increasing capacity and can do so quickly. Time-to-production is reduced in a dedicated environment versus self-run or co-location environments.


Your IT staff still operate the environment, but they are no longer responsible for the maintaining it. That is now the responsibility of the provider which will free up time for your IT staff.


The technological capabilities are available to provide highly scalable and available mobile access to organizations, but it depends on how the provider leverages their architecture to provide the required mobile access.

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